Life Of A Frugal Person

I am a very frugal person. I figure why buy something for full price when there is a coupon out there that I can use. It is like the manufacturers are giving me free money to use. My mother is a couponer and I have learned a lot from her. Sunday’s in our house are […]

Every Time I go grocery shopping

As I scanned my groceries at the self checkout in the grocery store, I could not help but cringe every time the price rose. Twenty-five, forty-three, seventy-eight, one hundred. I looked to the left and then to the right. Both shoppers on the sides of me had the same amount of groceries I had, but […]

After Much Organization And Preparation

The time has come. I gather my soldiers. I sift through my arsenal and come up short. I need other sources: newspapers, magazines, the internet-anything would do at this point. I spend much time printing, cutting and searching. After much organization and preparation, I have enough arms for the mission: the offensive and defensive, swords […]

Frugality’s Uncounted Benefits

My favorite role model for frugality is my younger brother, a debt-free college student who admits to owning a “dumb phone” because of the high cost of data plans. He always researches prices and product comparisons before buying his favorite mountaineering equipment, and he’s a master at weighing pros and cons. Once, on a grocery […]

Sunday Shopping Trips

Many students constantly make purchases on frivolous items, saving their money for not even a month. They are not thinking of the long term effects, however. While teenagers are out spending money on items they know they do not need, they could be saving it for the future, but where is the fun in that? […]

Frugality for numerous reasons

It is essential to exhibit the quality of frugality for numerous reasons. The most important reason is also the most obvious one as well: to save money. Have you ever needed to buy something but you simply cannot because you don’t have enough money? Maybe not, but this is the reality many others are faced […]

Coupons are Bae

“Coupons are a waste of time” or so state some of my closest friends tell me. Ever since my sister and I have found about the beauty of how to not only save a couple of cents, but rather hundreds or even thousands of dollars by using coupons on a daily basis. Since coupons came […]

Frugality…what a big word

Frugality…what a big word! For the longest time I didn’t even know how to pronounce it, let alone know what it means. Webster’s Merriam Dictionary defines frugality as “careful management of material resources”. When I was four years old I was plummeted into a life of frugality and wasn’t even aware of it. My parents […]