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Mystical Fire Flame Colorant (25-Pack) (43% OFF)

Well the season for summer camps is just around the corner. And with Summer Camp’s come the greatest thing of all: camp fires. There is just this extra thrill in sitting around the camp fire and sharing tales. What if you could notch things up a bit? It is quite simple actually, just put one of these packets in an outdoor or indoor fire to enjoy a fire which changes color constantly. The effect is mesmerizing lasts for more than half an hour. This 25 pack bundle is available for $16.99. Its original price is $29.99, so buy it before it runs out.


Syntha-6 Ultra Premium Lean Muscle Protein Powder (2.91lb Jar) (56% OFF)

We are all in favor of going with a natural diet, but things are easier in the start. At a certain point muscle building stops altogether. This is the time to consult your trainer and start supplementing your diet to get more protein. This particular premium lean muscle protein is good for 28 servings. It also provides many essential amino acids and is a rich source of fiber. Available in a range of different ice cream flavors, it’s easy on the taste buds too. It is currently selling at a 56% discount for a price of $25.99, down from $59.49.


Apple EarPods with Mic (69% OFF)

Nothing goes better with Apple’s iPhone than other products designed by Apple. The one advantage that iOS devices will always have over their counterparts is control. These earphones with microphone have been designed by Apple themselves. This is quite apparent from the exquisite design. A comfortable fit, protection from sweat and water, the ability to control phone calls and music, what more does one need. And since they are selling at just $9.99 instead of their $30 price tag, this is the best opportunity to replace yours.

3-in-1 Avocado Tool (50% OFF)

If the health experts are to be believed no fruit is greater than the good old Avocado. While most fruits contain a high content of carbohydrates which are quickly digested by the body, Avocado contains fats. Wait! Aren’t fats bad for us? Well these are all the essential good fats that will actually improve your health and even help you lose weight. This 3 in 1 tool will ensure that you get your avocados in perfect slices and shapes. The plastic part will remove the skin. The metal blades will remove the pit and plastic blades will ensure uniform slices. All carried out in just a couple of seconds and ready to serve. It is available for just $5, 50% off the original price of $10.

Salad To Go Bowl (75% OFF)

Are you a fan of salads? Do you like to have them for lunch? Well one of the biggest problems that we salad eaters face is that they tend to become soggy and are a drag to eat. The salt and the juicy vegetables just do not go together. This salad bowl is the perfect solution to this problem. It has an ingenious design which can allow you to store each component of the salad separately. Start by storing the greens in the main bowl, then you can place the juicy vegetables in the compartments and the dressing can be secured in a cup. It even has a plastic fork to help you along. Just mix them up according to your liking and munch away! And the awesome thing is it is 75% off with a current price of $5, instead of $20.

Original Instyler with 1.25`` Barrel (35% OFF)

If you like to set the fashion trends instead of following them, then you will understand the importance of having a good hair style. And a good hairstyle is almost impossible without having the appropriate equipment. This Original Instyler is just the accessory to have. It will straighten or curl your hair just as you like. Additionally, it also has a heated rotating barrel which will smooth and polish them simultaneously. Multiple heat settings mean you can decide which heat level suits you best. It’s available for a hefty discount of 35%, at only $64.99 instead of a MRSP of $99.99.


Duracell CopperTop Batteries (48-Pack) (73% OFF)

Despite the lithium ion rechargeable batteries improving in efficiency, there are just so many of our appliances which run on simple copper batteries. However, they do still have an advantage over the rechargeable ones. In an emergency these good old fashion copper batteries are still the go to ones. This 48 pack from Duracell contains 24 AA batteries and 24 AAA batteries. They will power your flashlights, remotes, and cameras for a long time. And they are available at a lucrative 73% discount at just $16.99.


HCG Weight Loss Drops (60 Servings) (50% OFF)

The world of alternative medicine is not for everyone. The main reason is that although they offer potentially side effect free solutions, they do not work for every person. Plus, if you have a medical condition, it is best to go to your General Physician. That being said, they are often derived from the latest researches based on traditional medicines and provide alternate solutions. These ones will suppress your appetite and help control cholesterol. Side effects may involve increased libido in both sexes. These drops are available for just $19.99, selling at a discount of 50% from $39.99.


Deluxe Ultra-Plush Orthopedic Pet Bed (63% OFF)

Pets are a heaven send and in most cases we do not deserve them, especially when it comes to dogs. But, one of the most painful experiences of having them is that they have a much shorter lifespan than ours. This means that they grow older much faster than we do. On average a well-cared for pet dog will live for up to 12 years. As they grow older, we can ease their suffering by providing them with little things. This orthopedic Plush pet mattress is made from convoluted egg crate foam covered by a thick suede gusset. It is extra comfortable and easy to clean. It will allow your pet dog to rest easier and comes surprisingly cheap at $14.99, with a hefty 63% discount.


Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pen Sets with Carrying Case (25- or 30-Piece) (32% OFF)

Whether you like them for sketching, drawing, or writing, fine liner pens are the real MVP of pens. Essential for drawing vivid images and reality defying illustrations, they have a unique feel when compared to all other tools. This deal is extra special because whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can select either of the two sets. Both come with a neat little carrying case. The 25 marker set is a bit cheaper, but we would highly suggest the 30 market one. That is available for $25.99, at a 26% discount.


Scholastic Children's Wipe-Clean Book Set with Marker (57% OFF)

One of the greatest things about improving technology is that it makes things ever more cost effective. When your children are learning the basic stuff, a lot of paper gets wasted, which is neither good for the environment or your pocket. This wipe clean book set with marker from Scholastic will cover its price in just a couple of sittings. They can practice their alphabets, basic mathematics, counting, etc. again and again, until they get the shapes and letters just perfect. It is available at the moment for a measly price of $29.99 down by 57%, from a retail price of $69.90.


Aduro PowerUp 40-Watt 6-Port USB Charging Station (75% OFF)

If you have a lot of devices like us, then you will understand when we say that charging them all can be a hassle. You have to take care of separate adapters and then find the places to plug them in. This device saves a lot of time and makes the whole process efficient. It has two 4 smartphone charging ports, two for iPhone and 2 for Android. The other two ports are for charging tablets. If you are unsure just check the rating on your original charger and match the port. It is currently avialable at a 75% discount price of only $19.99.


Women's High-Performance Active Capris (84% OFF)

People do not generally understand the appeal of high performance clothing, at least not until they have had the chance to use it. Once you use it, you will ask yourself: why did I use regular clothes for workouts? This pair of capris will not only allow you the full range of movement, but also has moisture wicking properties which will help you stay comfortable. You can choose from a range of different colors and it is available in all sizes. We suggest that you buy more than one, because it is not every day that high performance capris are selling for $7.99, discounted by almost 84%.


Egg Shapers (4-Piece) (75% OFF)

Is there any food more universally loved than eggs? It is odd that the world should be united by such a simple thing. Even if you do not like eggs per se, we are sure that you must still love pancakes and various other items in which eggs are a base ingredient. This 4 piece set will allow you to shape you eggs into delightful shapes. There is the circle, the heart shape, the flower shape, and last but not the least the star shape. The shapes come with rubber holders to lift and place the shaper. This set is selling for just $5, at a colossal discount of 75%.

Custom Genuine Rustic Leather-Bound Mini Journal (94% OFF)

Despite the loads of new materials which we have discovered over the years, leather still retains its place among the top. There is something inherently attractive about leather bound things. This leather bound mini journal is the perfect thing. Every person at some point wants to have a leather bound journal, even if they never wrote a single journal entry in their life. Now it is possible at an extremely cheap price of $5. This is available at an unimaginable discount of 94% from an original price of $79.99.

Magic Color Changing LED Light Bulb with Remote Control (70% OFF)

What is so special about this product that it has sold more than 100,000 pieces since it has been put on Groupon? That is a valid question. But, we would answer it with another simple question. Have you ever heard of a 9 W color changing LED light being sold for just $10? LEDs are expensive, but this one is breaking new grounds due to its price and 1 year warranty. It is the ideal time to provide some ambient light to your man cave or to spice things up in the bedroom. To put things in perspective we would have you know that it has a market price of $33.28, so do not miss out.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

This cute little fellow will help your cute little fellow to get over teething woes. Sore gums can be troublesome for both the kid and parents. Not only is it 95% cuter than your average teethers, but the giraffe shape allows for multiple chewing points. The long legs will soothe whole gums and back areas, which are harder to reach using regular teethers. The overall shape will ensure that nothing gets swallowed. Plus, it is super funny to film your child devouring a giraffe. This is available for $19.99, at a modest discount of 32%. But, it is worth the price.


Universal Fit Tactical Heavy Duty Rubber Car Floor Mats (4-Piece Set) (69% OFF)

Have your car floor mats been looking shabby? Or you just want some extra protection for the interior! Well, this may just be the right time to change them. Because, this mat set is selling for just $22.99 after a heavy discount. It contains 2 universal fit front mats and 2 universal fit back mats. They are made from heavy duty rubber and have textured spikes to hold them in place. They are all weather and ideal for all vehicles. Available in beige, black, and gray they are currently selling at a discount of 69%.


Italian Sterling Silver Chain Necklaces (88% OFF)

Sterling silver has existed and mesmerized generations after generations of people. It is durable and beautiful. These necklaces have everything you can desire from a sterling silver necklace. They are available in a whole range of different styles like Box, Gucci, Figaro, etc. Just select the chain length and style, and they will be with you in a very short amount of time. They are currently available at unbelievable prices starting $9.99 for the box style necklace. Other patterns show similar discounts which are capped at 88%.

Jaxx FitPak with Portion Container Set and Shaker Cup

Eating healthy is half the work in staying healthy. The other half is of course exercising regularly. If you believe in staying fit, then you are going to need some really good healthy snacks throughout the day. This FitPak is the ideal accessory to carry them. It comes with 6 leak proof containers to carry the snacks, along with a shaker cup. And if you take vitamins to cover the daily requirements, then it even has a compartment for that. All of this is enclosed in an insulated bag and can be yours for a discounted price of $34.99.



Groupon is the company which brought a revolution to the small business community. Join us as we review them and learn about the pros and cons of this massive business, which was able to out compete giants such as Living Social, which is partially owned by Amazon.

Who They Are

Groupon is the biggest e-commerce deal offering place. It has more than 10,000 employees and operates in around 45 countries around the world. It has an active customer base of 48 million, with the total number of current deals at any one time exceeding 400,000. Simply stated, if you want to enjoy something at a deal in your locality or on your travels, then this is the site that you want to visit.

On the other hand, if you are a new business trying to expand your customer base and increase your brand recognition, then you can list a deal on their website.

A Brief History

Groupon was launched back in November 2008 in Chicago. However, it soon spread to other major metropolitan areas due to its resounding success. Founded by Andrew Mason, Eric Lefkofsky, and Brad Keywell, it was one of the fastest growing companies of the era. Funny enough, the idea came to Andrew Mason, when he failed to cancel his contract with a cell phone company. He thought that there just has to be a way to leverage the bargaining power of the masses against giant corporations.

Claim to Fame

Groupon has many claims to fame. However, we have selected the following:

  • It revolutionized the deals sector in favor of the consumers
  • Works in favor of the consumer and uses their collective bargaining power to great effect.
  • Small businesses can get visibility and local exposure
  • An absolutely massive active community

Website Design

The website features a simple and effective design which is optimized for ease of navigation. The main services are listed at the top of the home page and include Local, Goods, Getaways, Clearance, Coupons, and Best of Groupons. This is followed by a beautiful display of the major and trending deals in your locality. The categorical distribution of deals present in a specific area can be found at the left hand side of every page. The important site search feature, which plays a pivotal role in reducing the search time can be found at the top of every page.

Ease of Navigation

The website is easy to use and navigate. Each of the categories is further divided into subcategories, which help you narrow down your searches even when you are just browsing for fun. The text and the aesthetics make everything very readable.

The Actual Products

As stated earlier, they are the biggest deals website. Apart from this, they also offer Groupon Goods, which is just another name for discounted goods ecommerce. In addition, they have the Groupon Getaways, which offers vacation and travel deals; and Groupon live, which is an online place to buy discounted tickets of live events.

The Regular Deals

Food & Drink

The main deals in their regular Category can be found under the following headings: Food & Drink, Delivery & Takeout, Things to do, Beauty & Spas, Health & Fitness, Automotive, Electronics, and Travel.

Groupon Getaways

Dubai trip

Just as the name suggests, it is the perfect way to get away from your routine life. Whether you are planning your honeymoon or just planning for you vacation, this section lists many of the world’s top destinations. You can roam around in the US or you can go to Dubai or even India and China. The rates are just awesome and the trip will be fully funded. Where else can you find a 7 day trip to Dubai for $1199 including airfare! You can enjoy a free dune safari and stay for 5 nights at an excellent hotel.

Groupon Goods

This is their section of discounted goods for sale. The main difference is that you can actually buy these directly through Groupon and have them delivered to your address. You will find some amazing deals in this section.

The Blog

They maintain an active Blog, which posts regular content about the deals that they offer, guides to use their services, and many other related stuff. It also has several entries on their humanitarian efforts. It highlights and dispels the myths that are commonly found among people who have never used their services.

Shipping Policy & Returns Policy

They ship to most states within the US, but you will have to look at the specific shipping policy of the things that you are buying through them. Returns policy is also subject to the item that you wish to buy. Groupon deals which are not used can be refunded at any time even after they have expired.


The website is secure and accepts all major online payment methods including Visa and MasterCard.

Customer Service & Social Media

They have a dedicated and trained customer service which will help you through any difficulties that you face in using their services. Whether you are a customer or a business owner, they have you covered. They are available through their online complaint registration.

You can also follow them on Social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +.

How can our Groupon Coupons June 2016 help & How do you use them?

The Benefits

Coupons by their very nature are meant to reduce the prices of products that you want to purchase. Our Groupon coupon codes June 2016 will help you buy the products and Groupon present on their website at even more favorable rates. However, we urge you to redeem all Groupon promo codes June 2016 ASAP, as they are issued for short periods of time and tend to expire.

How to Use Them

Using them is very simple indeed. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to their website and browse the deals.
  2. Select the one that you like best.
  3. It will ask you to log in, if you haven’t already done so.
  4. When you log in, there is a use gift code link on the Complete Your Order Page.
  5. Click on this link and you will see a box where the Groupon coupon code June 2016 can be typed:

Using Code












Just complete the rest of the procedure and you are good to go.

Our Conclusion

Despite the popular negative opinion still existing against Groupon, we feel that it has a lot to offer to end consumers and businesses alike. 82% of the businesses that have used their services have gone in profit or at least achieved break even of their expenses. The customers are very happy with them indeed. There are guides available for both the categories. The main thing is that you do not want to be among the 18% of businesses, who went in a loss due to Groupon. So, we say that you should definitely go for Groupon, but do your research and plan meticulously. All in all, it still falls among our A+ businesses.


All logos and pictures are property of their respective owners and have been used according to fair usage policy for the ease of their potential customers. However, if you have any objections please contact us.